This was a very well edited paper—thank you for your attention to language detail and the informative comments to the author. This is the kind of editing that we really like to send back to our author/clients, whose goal is publication success….Looking forward to working with you in the future.
—In-house editor

Thanks for your excellent revisions (as always) and many pertinent comments to the author.
—Robert Freeman, editorial colleague

Again I’m shown the depth of your skills. Much appreciated, Carlotta!
—Stacy Chamness, C&T Publishing

I just wanted to give the copyeditor Carlotta Shearson “mad props,” as the kids say. I was too familiar with the book and looked past the omissions in the projects. Carlotta’s editing was precise, well thought out, and EXTREMELY helpful.
—Stacy Chamness, C&T Publishing

We would like to thank copyeditor Carlotta Shearson…for a great working relationship over the past year.
—P.J. Currie and E.B. Koppelhus, eds., Dinosaur Provincial Park

Carlotta Shearson, our heroic copyeditor, improved the chapters on many levels. The book reflects her ability to expose and correct weaknesses in content as well as expression, and we are grateful for her hard work, engagement, and patience.
—R.A. Schurman and D.D.T. Kelso, eds., Recreating the World

Carlotta Shearson did a first-rate job in preparing the manuscript for publication.
—T. Valovic, Digital Mythologies

Carlotta Shearson, my copyeditor, helped smooth and sharpen my prose.
—N. Rogers, An Alternative Path

Carlotta Shearson…provided masterful copyediting.
—G. Becker, Disrupted Lives

On behalf of all of the editors, I want to thank you for the excellent and conscientious work that you’ve done for us over the past three years. From the comments that we receive, we know that the journal’s readership has definitely taken notice.
—Cheri Hadley, former managing editor, Journal of Organic Chemistry

Thank you for your extra careful reading of the [author name] manuscript. You raised some valid scientific points which I’m sure will add to the clarity and accuracy of the published work.
—J.A.M., Senior Editor